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February 18, 2009



About Me:

I like video games.. the classics and not ..
I like my friends, writing and music...
I like memories and making memories...
I like long walks and eating donuts...
I like singing... I like mario....
I like the colors lime and pink together.. and black..
I like movies that make you think about life...
I like road trips and spontaneous travel...
I like my rainbow ceiling fan...
I like that surprise kiss..
I like french vanilla cappucino from 7-11
I like squash, fettuccini alfredo mmm..
I like yard sailing… and I love my family….
I like summer …but now I love autumn most …
I like the zoo memories and my pretty ibanez...
I like boys who love music...
I like the cooking channel...
she's vegetarian..writing..loves to sing & play..
doesn't know what she wants do with life..
art. music. animals. writing. choices choices..
I love exploring outside… & staring at the stars..
I love silent moments that you can’t get back..

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