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The Capcom Selection [Album]

Pixel Mixers released a Compilation of covers/remixes/arrangements from the Mega Man X Series, the Ace Attorney Series, Okami and Okamiden, called "The Capcom Selection" on Spotify, Amazon, Deezer and more!

The compilation features 35 tracks for more than 2 hours of music.

You may listen to it on Spotify:

And you may also on Deezer, iTunes, Amazon etc here:

Pixel Mixers is an open community dedicated to making covers/remixes/arrangements of video game music, you may join them on Discord to participate to their future projects:

Tranquility: A VGM Tribute album to the benefit of SaveTheChildren

Pixel Mixers produced their 3rd Charity Album called Tranquility, an album in support of SaveTheChildren.

SaveTheChildren works hard to help children gain access to quality education and health services, support them in times of great need, and protect them from risks and harm all around the world.

Tranquility features 33 tracks from more than 50 musicians, including video game covers from Final Fantasy, Donkey Kong, Chrono Cross, Xenoblade Chronicles, Animal Crossing, Super Mario 64 and more.

LISTEN/BUY TRANQUILITY:​ Available on all major platforms such as Spotify, Amazon, itunes etc.
(100% of all proceeds will support SaveTheChildren)

You may also find the full album on Youtube:

Heartwood: A Video Game Music Tribute to Rainforest Trust Charity Album

Pixel Mixers partnered with GameGrooves for Heartwood, a charity album in support of Rainforest Trust. For those who don’t know, Rainforest Trust is a US-based nonprofit environmental organization focused on the purchase and protection of tropical lands to strategically conserve threatened species. Heartwood features 15 tracks from 24 artists, including video game covers from Chrono Trigger, Octopath Traveler, Trials of Mana, Xenoblade Chronicles, Final Fantasy X and more.

(100% of all proceeds will support Rainforest Trust)

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