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January 20, 2009


Okemos, MI

About Me:

I'm Matt. I have an Epiphone SG, an Epiphone EC-20, and some off brand guitar named "Lyle". It's nice, though.

There's nobody I idolize more than Jimi Hendrix. He's the master of slide soloing, and he's written some of the greatest songs in the history of the world. On my account, I have 32 Jimi Hendrix songs.

Recently, I've gotten into more psychedelic music. But it still has to have a kick to it. I love Black Sabbath, and I can't stop listening to In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida. It's a 17 minute and 5 second lond psychedelic metal song by a band called Iron Butterfly. It's from the 70s, it's amazing and I recently learned to play it. I'm into what you might call stoner music.

Well, that's me. Thanks for reading, get to know me on AIM.



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