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Public Advocate Betsy Gotbaum
Over the past decades, public advocate Betsy Gotbaum has had a distinguished career in the public and private sectors. Betsy Gotbaum has served as advisor to three mayors; financial executive developing capital for start-up entrepreneurial firms; commissioner of the Department of Parks and Recreation; and president of the prestigious New York Historical Society. In all of her various capacities, Gotbaum was known for using unconventional methods to turn troubled situations and institutions into success stories. Since Betsy Gotbaum took office as Public Advocate in January 2002, her leadership has paved the way for municipal reforms in education, school construction, crime against women prevention and hunger relief. Through her extensive management experience and collaboration with non-profits, businesses and government agencies, Public Advocate Gothbaum has turned the office into the premier place for New Yorkers to go to address their city government concerns. Each week, she has helped resolve hundreds of complaints about city services from New Yorkers who could not get help elsewhere.

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