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Before 3 years ago in Panda and Penguin Algorithm It’s not difficult to rank a website in Google if you are familiar with some basic knowledge of SEO you can easily put website in top ten rankings just using some High PR Social bookmarking and link Building But now Google-like genuine content also mobile responsive website for Google Ranking there more than 100 factors affect now in Google ranking but If you are familiar work with Web2.0 websites and have knowledge for Do-Follow Backlinks Its very easy for you to Rank your website in Google.
It's my personal experience as an SEO expert and I am working now on many different niche websites like Escorts, Dating, Relationship Blogs, Corporate Business, etc… One of my Client Websites I have faced issues too much before a few months ago but now my client’s website is on page 1 with the most competitive Keyword Like Chennai escorts just to check it in Google you can easily know that this kind of keywords has how much competition in this Internet World. For you, I must tell you to use more web 2.0 websites and make more Do-follow backlinks to improve your Ranking.[email protected]/

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