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Joseph Kirby received an Editor's Choice award for his article on Your Historic Home's Interior Design Secrets and has also written about children's television, historical biographies, dachshunds, travel, and book reviews in addition to other interests.
Fiction, Nonfiction Book Reviewer and Tutor
In his spare time, he also tutors, writes nonfiction book reviews (European history, women's studies) for a major industry print publication, and also provides fiction reviews for in addition to serving as an initial reviewer for a national fiction competition.
Public Works, History and Tourism
Joseph has written numerous articles on tourism, history, and environmental issues throughout his diverse careers as department head of his local Public Works and director of the local tourism bureau. He was educated at Indiana State University (MA), Louisiana Scholars' College at Northwestern State University (BA), and the outstanding public Louisiana School for Math, Science and the Arts, which remains underfunded and unsung but serves as a vital model for other states.
Joseph has to write to live and his life suffers if he does not write for one day. He concentrates on college paper writing services but has also been known to write a poem or two.
Joseph's Interests
His primary interests include organic, naturalized gardening; European history; women's history; American history, especially Civil War, Louisiana and Indiana history; science fiction/fantasy; architecture; travel; children's television and books; and medieval/Renaissance festivals. He credits the controversial Louisiana Governor, Huey P. Long, with instilling a love of education in his family since his education policies provided textbooks for Busbice children in the 1930s.
Joseph lives with her family in Southern Indiana.
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