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Interior Design Skills: Success in as an interior designer requires the ability to visualize concepts for space utilization and the ability to rapidly think through and try new ideas. Designers must have a good eye for color and balance. Essential skills also include an ability to meet all of the functional requirements of the available space and yet produce a pleasing design. Designers must also have the interpersonal skill to recognize the needs and tastes of their client and insure that the resulting design meets those needs and tastes.

Interior Design School Courses: Interior design schools prepare you to pass the National Council for Interior Design qualification examination. In 19 states, the District of Columbia, and Canada, designers must be licensed or registered. Even in those states where a license is not required, formal training provides an advantage in obtaining employment. Courses train you on the latest computerized tools to allow you to rapidly create, examine and compare several different designs for each project. Interior design schools also provide you with an education on building code requirements.

Some of the courses you may take in include: basic design principles, three-dimensional design, architectural drafting, textiles, computer-aided drafting and design, industrial design, interior drawing, lighting, building construction and codes, and more. In addition, interior design programs will provide you with practical working experience that will enable you to build an initial portfolio that will be critical to your success in finding a job.

Interior Design Employment: Interior designers can find employment with corporations, small studios, furniture stores, architectural firms, and even within the government. Other interior designers work on a freelance basis, some on a part time basis. Job opportunities are expected to see faster than average growth.

Interior Design Jobs: After finishing an interior design program, you may find work as an assistant. This role may be considered an internship or trainee type role where you work closely with an experienced interior designer to deepen the skills you have learned in school.

Interior Design Work: Interior designers are responsible for the design, layout, and furnishings of nearly any type of space, ranging from private homes to public buildings, or hospitals, restaurants, retail establishments, hotels, and theatres. They must combine the functional needs of the space with an aesthetically pleasing interior, as well as insure that the resulting design is in compliance with the applicable government regulations, including building codes. They also typically handle the design and selection of furniture, fixtures, lighting, window treatments, carpeting, and more. Many professionals develop specialties, such as restaurant design or residential design.

Interior Design Income:For an assistant with an associate degree the starting salary ranges between $9.00 and $12.00 per hour. As you advance in your career, income grows according to the specific role that you play. Some examples of the average compensation levels for different jobs are as follows:

Staff Designer: $28,800
Project Manager: $40,000
Senior Designer: $48,000

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