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August 10, 2012


New Brunswick, Canada

About Me:

**I'm aiming for note-for-note renditions on all instruments! (well, with a few liberties on drums)**

To Do List:
Megaman 3 (all)
Megaman X
Final Fantasy III(/6)
Castlevania 2 (gameboy)
Megaman 4
Megaman 5

I'm a play-it-by-ear musician who has had the luxury of accompanying many talented musicians during my musical career. I've picked up some theory and all around knowledge that I enjoy applying to video game music. It's something to focus on and allows me to get better at all instruments, primarily bass, guitar and drums.

My principle background is playing bass which I have been doing for almost 18 years now (as of aug2012). All styles, etc. I play electric 5-string (Warwick ThumbNT) mostly, but also some 4-string fretless and double bass.

I've played guitar for as long as I have bass, but since I got equipped with bass gear early on, the bass has been my main instrument. I've been playing acoustic this whole time, but recently purchased an electric guitar (american Tele!) to really nail this video game music project.

Drums are perhaps my favorite instrument these days, maybe because I'm seeing the most improvements there. I play a custom Defacto kit, my buddy Mike Steenbakkers makes amazing drums! Check him out:
Appropriately enough for this video game music project, my kit is the one titled "Choose your own Adventure"

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