A Survivor Is Born

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Created: August 06, 2016 at 12:00 AM

            Title:           A Survivor Is Born
Game:            Tomb Raider
Composer:        Jason Graves
Tabbed by:       Josh Masa
Written:         02/26/2015
Capo:            2nd Fret

This is for only the part in the song from 2:05 to the end which is basically the piano version.
I tabbed this long ago and rediscovered it in my files so I just wanted to share it though this tab
needs you to put a capo on the second fret.

    W            W
    Q  Q  H      Q  Q  H

  H     H      Q  Q  H      H     H      H     H
  Q  Q  H      Q  Q  H      Q  Q  H      Q  Q  H

  H     H      Q  Q  Q  Q    H     Q  Q    H     H
  Q  Q  H      Q  Q  H       Q  Q  H       Q  Q  H

  H    H      Q  Q  H      W          W
  W           H     H      W          W


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