Mare Carelia (Snailiad) Guitar Tab

Submitted: Dec 27, 2011 by musenji (Last updated: May 28, 2012)

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Game: Snailiad
Composer(s): Auriplane
Style: Arrangement, Fingerstyle

This song is also called Area 1

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Mare Carelia
composed by auriplane
tabbed by musenji, 10/31/11

Standard tuning, see below for comments






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11 comments on Mare Carelia

[email protected]_v !

So, I wanted to make a couple

So, I wanted to make a couple notes:

1. Yes, this is entirely my work, despite the timing and similarities to hsl's. :-) I actually tabbed this two months ago, but didn't post it because of some indecision about ideal fingerings.

2. Measure 2 is the main left hand fingering that I was debating. I think the fingering in hslesperance's tab is better (because it lets the melody note ring longer), but I'm including the alternative here for variety!

[edit] Ah! Auri you beat me to posting. I'm glad you like it. :D

good job, very relaxing song


good job, very relaxing song to play :)

good tab good tab


good tab good tab

One of the major differences


One of the major differences is measure 8 and 16. I was thinking of doing the same thing you did and have the last four notes of the bass be the same as the first four in that same measure. It makes the fingering easier, but I wanted to keep the notes from the original song.

!! You're right about those!

!! You're right about those! I totally missed that. Now I've gone back and listened, and go figure, your measure 8 is spot on, but...the change in measure 16 is different from what you have too! I've posted the difference in a comment.

This tab is great. Good job,


This tab is great. Good job, Musenji!

However, I think that this tab could benefit from dropped-d tuning and a capo on the second fret. I quickly slapped together a gp5 file and a pdf using your original tab to illustrate what it would look like:

Mare Carelia D Capo

I don't even need to look at

I don't even need to look at it to count how many 2s there are in my tab (and thus comprehend the epic possibilities). :D

You commented on hsl's that his would benefit as well, but you can't capo his on the 2nd fret without changing the fingering in measure 2 (and parallels). It's an ironic twist: uncapoed, his allows the melody note to ring longer, which is why I said it was better. But, your drop D capo idea with my fingering actually allows that melody note, now played on an open string, to ring for the full measure while the bass notes are being played--as it does in the song.

The tradeoff: my classical sounds kinda weird with a capo. Like, more metallic somehow, and almost ring-y as if two notes were being played for every note. ...And yet, if I ever record this, I think I just might use your idea.

Okay now that I've talked a ton, I should actually try it out. :D

Good lord Nate, you just made

Good lord Nate, you just made this thing playable AT SPEED. You're a fucking genius. I know it probably looked like a simple change to you, but I'm not used to using capos, ever.


-measures 7 and 15, bar the bottom three strings on 5 so that the original melody note still rings out even when you play the same note in the bass.

-measure 20, I'm pretty sure the last note should be a B (identical to the note before it. One was in the melody, one in the bass, but they were the same note). I think for an arrangement I'd play it as an octave down, open A (B w/capo) string. Let Plane smite me if I am incorrect!

Overall? Totally genius. You made total use of the adjusted guitar's capObilities. :D :D

Yeah sometimes capos can work

Yeah sometimes capos can work better with different guitars. Usually, I would say this is intonation. Make sure you tune after putting the capo on the guitar. Other than that, sometimes capos can just be wonky. You can try placing them different distances from the fret bar. Closer is better most often (just like fingers), but not always depending on the guitar/capo.

I agree with the issues about the notes ring out, and that is a nice solution for measures 7 and 15! I also think that the lower octave B in measure 20 sounds great.

Again, good job on the tab Musenji. I'm glad that my capo suggestion didn't come off as being rude, which I was somewhat scared of. :-S

Yeah especially with the

Yeah especially with the threads lately about voting, it seems like the emphasis has been a little too much on the "give me my due! laud me! laud me!" side of tabbing.

I'll admit, there's a part of my personality that thinks, aww, someone came up with a solution I didn't see, and it's a really GOOD solution. But the other way to look at that is, "Check out this awesome solution that I wouldn't have known about if not for this person!"

I think the best attitude is one of cooperation. Let's get the best options out there, you know?