Final Fantasy 7: Voices of the Lifestream

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If you're a fan of OC ReMix, then you probably know all about this album. If not, then you should probably check out their site. OC ReMix is a community of video game music fans who arrange, interpret, record and mix their favorite video game music in MP3 format. They have almost 1,500 remixes, from a very wide spectrum of games and platforms.

Last month, they released Final Fantasy 7: Voices of the Lifestream, an entire album devoted to the legendary game, which has some of the most memorable video game music ever. As with everything that comes from OC ReMix, the album is completely free. It contains 45 arrangements arranged by over 40 different artists. It covers all genres of music, including rock, jazz, classical, techno and much more. Some tracks even include recorded vocals!

This thing is a masterpiece. It represents the spirit of the game music community, and how far it has come in the past few years in terms of the passion, creativity, devotion and popularity. When I first began listening to this album, I could not get rid of the chills. The nostalgia factor in this album is high, be warned.

The first thing that struck me about this album is the sheer quality of all the tracks. You can tell that countless hours went into it (a year and a half to be exact). The remixes are the best of the best, handpicked just for this album. The polish and the attention to detail on all of them are outstanding. But what I really love about it, is that all of the arrangements are unique to the point where with some of them, you can almost consider them brand new songs. That's what arrangement is all about, adding your own creativity to an existing piece so that it portrays your individual interpretation of the song. And Voices of the Lifestream does that so well.

I love how how well "real" instruments were used in this album. One track for example, "Daydreaming Again" and "Sleep My Sephy," were purely an acoustic guitar duet and I thought they were fantastic. Electric guitar was also used well. There are some killer solos in tracks such as "Lunatic Moon" and "Too Much Fighting." Many tracks also incorporate human voice very well, which I found to be a pleasant surprise.

The album is divided into 4 discs. Crisis, Dirge, Advent and Order. The exact meaning of these titles is unknown to me, other than the fact that 3 of them are named for recent spin-offs of Final Fantasy 7.


1. Deliverance of the Heart (Heart of Anxiety)
2. Every Story Begins with a Name (Opening - Bombing Mission)
3. No Such Thing As the Promised Land (Mako Reactor)
4. Materia Junkie (Under the Rotting Pizza ~ The Oppressed)
5. Full Frontal Assault (Let the Battles Begin!)
6. Too Much Fighting (Fanfare)
7. Damn Those Turks! (Turk's Theme)
8. Adrenalyne Kyck (Hurry!)
9. Nomura Limit (Fight On!)
10. Son of Chaos (Shinra Company)
11. Lunatic Moon (Red XIII's Theme ~ Cosmo Canyon)
12. motor crazycycle (Crazy Motorcycle)

Favorite track: Lunatic Moon
Least favorite track: Materia Junkie


1. Short Skirt's (Tifa's Theme)
2. Valse Aeris (Flowers Blooming in the Church ~ Aerith's Theme)
3. Embraced Empathy (Dear to the Heart)
4. Serenity (Main Theme of FINAL FANTASY VII)
5. A Life Without Parole (Desert Wasteland)
6. Scenes from a Memory (On That Day, Five Years Ago...)
7. Golden Fields (Farm Boy)
8. Crystal Sermon (The Prelude)
9. Chasing the Storm (In Search of the Man in Black)
10. Sephiroth's Wake (Trail of Blood)
11. JENOVA Celestial (J-E-N-O-V-A)
12. Mark of the Beatsmith (Mark of a Traitor)

Favorite track: Serenity
Least favorite track: Embraced Empathy


1. Suco de Melancia (Costa del Sol)
2. Stone Eyes (The Great Warrior)
3. Daydreaming Again (Words Drowned by Fireworks)
4. Alien Exploration (Gold Saucer ~ Cid's Theme)
5. Golden Feathers (Racing Chocobos - Place Your Bets!)
6. Midnight at Club Corel (Mining Town)
7. Ahead On Our Rave (On Our Way)
8. Kweh! (Electric de Chocobo)
9. The Crossroads (Cid's Theme)
10. Fading Entity (Listen to the Cries of the Planet)
11. Frozen Landscape (Buried in Snow)

Favorite track: Daydreaming Again
Least favorite track: Golden Feathers


1. Sleep, My Sephy (Judgement Day)
2. Collision (The North Cave)
3. Airships Make Me Happy (The Highwind Takes to the Skies)
4. Hydrophone Breakdown (Secret of the Deep Sea)
5. Omnislash (Hurry Up!)
6. Rare Square (Countdown)
7. Jenova Returns (J-E-N-O-V-A ~ Jenova Complete)
8. Beginning of the End (Birth of a God)
9. Black Wing Metamorphosis (One-Winged Angel)
10. The Golden Ivories of Gaia (Various Themes)

Favorite track: Hydrophone Breakdown
Least favorite track: Rare Square

This album brought back so many fond memories. I don't like to give ratings when I do reviews, but just know that this is a damn good album that any Final Fantasy fan can appreciate. If you're a video game music geek like me, there's nothing more you could ask for.

One thing I did not particularly enjoy were the vocals on some of the tracks. Some of them, such as "The Crossroads" had vocals that I felt didn't fit in well with the arrangement and lessened the quality a little bit. However on "Deliverance of the Heart" I felt the vocals were spot on and they made the arrangement much better. I also felt that the track selection for this album is great, but there are some I wish were included. "Descendant of Shinobi", "The Nightmare's Beginning" and "On the Other Side of the Mountain" to name a few. Nonetheless, 45 solid tracks of video game music glory. You can only hope that OC ReMix decides to do something so amazing again.

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I'll have to check this out

I'll have to check this out again, I heard a few and didn't particularly like them, but I'll dl teh whole thing and give it the once over since you recommended it.

Which ones didn't you like?

Which ones didn't you like? I thought all of them were great in their own way. I've heard some bad remixes before but I thought all of these are top notch and just made me so nostalgic.

they are all good but my

they are all good but my favorite is Black Wing Metamorphosis

I think these are great!

I think these are great! wow..I love the errie ones. Thank a lot for the review!

Some of you tabbing wizards

Some of you tabbing wizards should tab "Daydreaming Again" and "Sleep My Sephy", they are really good duets.

I remember listening to some

I remember listening to some of these a while ago. I thought they were really well done...but this sort of stuff isn't exactly my cup of tea. I'll check it out again, though, and maybe I'll change my mind.

Thanks for the positive

Thanks for the positive comments regarding the album, archard. Personally, "Rare Square" was one of my absolutely favorites. It's not every day someone seamlessly turns FF7 into 007. If it was thrown into "Casino Royale" or something like that, it would work perfectly. As far as "The Crossroads" goes, it's been a polarizing track in that some people say it's their absolutely favorite, while others say it's too out there. Most people unfamiliar with J-Rock find it too outside the box, but I thought it was very impressive. JigginJonT will be glad to see "Hydrophone Breakdown" listed as your favorite of disc 4.

Elaborating on the disc titles, they're all named after different parts of Compilation of Final Fantasy VII. A couple of days before the release, I came up with the idea to honor the games and animes that expanded the FF7 universe.

I've got no idea if he actually has tabs available, but if you want to contact Pot Hocket about possible tabs, his contact information is at

Thanks again for the enthusiastic words, as well as the word of mouth. On behalf of project director zircon, the Voices of the Lifestream team, and OC ReMix, we greatly appreciate it!

Larry "Liontamer" Oji
Head Submissions Evaluator, OverClocked ReMix
Creator, VG Frequency

My pleasure, Larry. Thank

My pleasure, Larry. Thank you and everyone over at OCR for putting together such an amazing collection of arrangements.

I can understand the appeal for tracks like "The Crossroads", and some parts of it are really well done. I just felt some parts were too "hip-hoppy", and don't really portray Cid's Theme in the way I have it abstractly represented in my mind. It's definitely a quality track, but did not tickle my fancy on a personal level. On the other hand, like I said, the vocals from "Deliverance of Heart" I thought really delivered. But to each his own.

So are there any plans as of now for another album?

In terms of other album's

In terms of other album's headed up by zircon, I think he was kicking around the idea of FFVI, but he's a really busy guy so I don't believe he'd have time for it.

In terms of projects that are closer to completion (but still a ways off; our album releases aren't rapid), "Summoning of Spirits" will be arranging both Tales of Phantasia and Tales of Symphonia (and will be about as large as the FF7 project), while "Delta-Q-Delta" will tackle Doom II, and "Thieves of Fate" will cover Radical Dreamers. For now, one basically just has to keep their ear on the ground and hope to pick up something!

If someone could tab any of

If someone could tab any of the guitar parts of that album, I would probably be able to die happy. I stumbled across the album while looked for ocremix tracks by darkesword. I liked what I heard from the tracks that play on the main page and I instantly went and waited the 2 hours it took to download each song, since the full album would not dl to my comp.

It is honestly, one of the best FFVII tributes out there, and I'm not just saying that.

Also, I have to admit, I'm one of the ones that loved crossroads.

Thank you to all that worked to put that album together.

im an extreme fan of final

im an extreme fan of final fantasy and i came across some of these songs on project playlist and its SWEEEEEEET. If you guys know anyway I can find some guitar tabs for these songs, id probably die. but then id wake back up and start learning them so yeah. Can anyone tell me where to find some tabs?
If not then oh well because this music is sweet to listen to anyways

To Corey and Strife Of The

To Corey and Strife Of The Ages:

Sleep My Sephy was tabbed brilliantly by ajrock2000.

He also started "Daydreaming Again" in this thread:

It's pretty much complete actually.

Enjoy :)

!!! How could you not like


How could you not like Materia junkie? they took two small songs and made it into an amazing mix of the two.