Request: Ending 18 - Sky Chord from Bleach

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Espero que les guste, Saludos :)!!
Esto lo saque de lonlonjp
quien admiro mucho
y esperoq ue ha ustedes les guste esta
interpretacion, cualquier csa qe necesiten
solo avisenme, envienme mensajes
y yo los respondere lo mas
pronto posible, bueno eso
me despido y muchas gracias


Atte: Ziorift

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Hello! It looks like you put

Hello! It looks like you put this in the wrong section, and you wanted to submit a recording instead. (But I see you submitted one of those, as well.)

Just a reminder: this request can't be fulfilled, because Lonlonjp is selling an official tab of this song. Here's the link to buy the tab:

hohoh sorry

hohoh sorry