Request: Isle of Songs from Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

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I'm sure you've guessed by my username but I really love Legend of Zelda music and I've been playing Skyward Sword for a while now and so far it really is a fun game. I know it's new and there aren't very many guitar tabs out there for it and one of my favorite songs from that game is the Isle of Songs. I haven't been playing guitar that long so I'm not very good at making tabs, but I just want the melody of this song. If you could make this tab that would be amazing! Thank you for at least reading this.

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I know this is more than a

I know this is more than a year late, but I've been working on and off on an arrangement of this for a while now. One of my favourite songs in the game, for sure :D Hopefully I'll be able to work on it more soon, and get it uploaded.

Thank you!

Glad to know you're trying! Thanks! Let me know when you get it done!