Request: Tsubasa wo kudasai from K-On

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Pls create a tab for this song... This ia the reason why i started playing a guitar.. Pls

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Is this any

Is this any help?
The first is a piano sheet with the melody just like they played in the first episode
The second is the actual guitar part from the single
Here's a more complete one in case you can open guitar pro files
Or maybe you're looking for a fingerstyle arrangement?

Tnx men

Thanks men...

I love Tsubasa o Kudasai! :-)

I love Tsubasa o Kudasai! :-) By the way, you can find lots of versions of this song online because it's very famous and older than K-ON! I like the K-ON! cover a lot, though.

Hmmm "Don't Say Lazy" & "No

Hmmm "Don't Say Lazy" & "No Thank You" are more my jam but this isn't to bad.