Request: Terry's World from Dragon Quest Monsters

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Here's my request for this song.

Didn't find a tab, tabbed it by myself, well the first half, after that it gets too confusing for me, pls help me out.



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have you ever considered

have you ever considered tabbing neverending journey? I love that piece and I tried a few times but Im pretty shit at transcribing.

not yet, but good idea, i'll

not yet, but good idea, i'll try later maybe.

somebody else already posted a cover video.

Dragon Quest Monsters - Never Ending Journey (Guitar Cover)

maybe i'll try later today. i

maybe i'll try later today. i guess, i'm able to tab at least the lead line.

Did it

Here it is : tab

There's the lead and the rhythm guitar (two different tracks).

nice, thank you.i meshed it

nice, thank you.

i meshed it together in a gp5 file:

Rough version

Rough version of Terry's world and Never ending Journey.

Terry's World

thx man, nice

thx man, nice