Request: Tears from Dramatical Murder

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from the game dramatical murder
one of their best osts I think

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Working on it

I'm working on a fingerstyle version. You can check out the progress here:


oh thanks so much for telling me

No Prob

No prob. This song is good and was fun to tab out :) I would have never heard it in the first place if I hadn't checked out your request. I updated the tab again and it's very close to being done.

Mecha I approve of all of

Mecha I approve of all of your anime tabs, your taste falls very much in line with mine.

I'm glad someone likes them

I'm glad someone likes them besides me lol

this is lovely

i'm glad you got something out of this as well xD,take as much time as you need, it willgood all the same^^

All Done! :3

All done! I ended up only tweaking the note dynamics and fixing some notes that were supposed (or not supposed) to ring out. Forgot to mention that if the tab isn't your style I'll give you my work tab (though it's pretty messy and incomplete since I usually tab out bare-bones style and polish everything on the fingerpicked acoustic track).

oh my gosssh

thanks so much

oh my gosssh

sorry for the late reply ;-;

oh my gosssh

cant wait to learn thiss