Request: Base Bouy Theme from Super Mario Galaxy

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I have asked lonlonjp to do this but he hasn't responded and that was a couple of months ago, I'm not sure if this song would transpose well onto a guitar, there are currently NO guitar videos on utube of this song, I have searched a few times.

I know that there are people here that will read this that are more than capable of tabbing this out, I really would do it myself! but this is completely out of this realm for me. I'm not even sure if I'll be able to play it when it's tabbed out but I sure as hell will try my best!

Kabukibear, i'm looking at you!

Please guys, I'll send money if I have to, LOL!

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hi, hav u score or midi file

hi, hav u score or midi file of it ?

I havn't got a midi file, I

I havn't got a midi file, I could get ahold of one I'm sure, and the only sheet music I have is for Piano(which is in that link) which I thought I could transcribe funnily enough but I gave up rather quickly. This song is too hard for me to tab, I tried for hours yesterday.

Thx for taking an interest!

EDIT: I'm sorry I just realised that I can only really grab an MP3 or the audio instead of MIDI. Which it would be the MIDI that you would really want wouldn't it? I don't know what method you guys use to tab >;-P

Indeed there s a piano score,

Indeed there s a piano score, i was a bit tired & i didn't c it first visit :)
About method well I can use a OCR sofware to convert this pdf score to midi, translate to up 1 octave the tone of the left hand part,save to midi file, & import it by Guitar Pro. After that u can a decent rough to work a tab, or not, it s also a question of chance.

I worked a 1rst version & i added in a project, I ll finish later my free time gonna ended soon.

its a cute tune btw ^^

link :

i added a rough tab, follow

i added a rough tab, follow the link

Oh wow I am soooooooooooooooo

Oh wow I am soooooooooooooooo psyched for this hahaha I would kiss you seriously. Only problem is that I have to update my Guitar Pro Software to read that file or would it be possible for the .txt file of it aswel then i can load it into my Guitar Pro that way? I can't thank you enough though seriously, I'll bet it's a hard ass tune to play though, can't wait to see it, THANK YOU!!!

I know it's not finished yet but still thank you! haha

O i know i had same pb with

O i know i had same pb with gp 5.0 but i found a solution : load the file with Tuxguitar, & save as format *.gp5 or *.gp4, so this new file is readable by GP 5.0 , it works good.

Free sofwares as Tux Guitar are always up to date ^^

& as u said import the *.tab or midi file by GP can works too

good luck