Request: opening from ThunderForce 4

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Please tab this simple yet awesome song. I tried running the midi into GP but no luck.

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tried and failed...and yet succeeded.

I attempted to wing it on the opening of Thunder Force 4, and after an hour or 2 of trying, I couldn't even get the correct key...which kinda sucked. However, that spawned me listening to other songs in the TF4 OST and when I got to "Stand Against Myself", the ending, I suddenly had a revelation, and 'poof' I got it. However, I really suck at tabbing, so I'm going to basically just try and talk it through, and hopefully someone that figures it out will tab it, and the parts I couldn't get.

The rhythm is just drop D, 1, 3, 5, and a random 8 and 7during the chorus. Specifically:

Main Riff
1---------3---------1---------3--------1--------3--------1----0----(theres some riff in here as an adder)
Repeat Main Riff

If you listen to it, its pretty easy to get the rhythm and timing.

There are three parts to the rest of the song. A moving line (sounds like tapping), and a standard and harmonic melody. The standard melody is pretty easy. Coming in on the verse. (again...pardon the bad nontabbing)

b11 11 11 e8 b11---11 10 11
b10 10 10 11 10---10 8 g10
b11 11 11 e8 b11---11 10 11
b10 10 10 11 10---10 8 g10 8---e10--- 8--- b10 8 g10
g8--- e10---8
g8--- e10---8 b10 8 g10
g8--- e10---8
e10 8 10 b11 10 8
e10 8 10 b11 10 8
e8 b11 e8 b10 8 g10 b11 e8 10---- b11 e8 10
e10 8 10 b11 10 8
e10 10 10 13 13 b10 11
e8 b11 e8 b10 8 g10 b11 e8 10---- b11 e8 10, timing, rhythm, etc.

The harmonic melody has a main part, but the first time it plays it gets a nice solo, then after the chorus, it just repeats this until the fade out.

So, to those who can actually write tabs and can probably play this better than I can, I've at least started it...I hope someone can take this and come up with the rest.