Recording: ICO - You Were There

Submitted Thu, 02/05/2009 - 13:12
by TrangOul | View the tab

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Vic9mm asked me to remake my old recording. I wonder if he'll like this better. :O

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Awesome playing, that's


Awesome playing, that's what's classical guitar it's all about o.O

I always though your tabs were to hard to play, but now that I see you playin' I know that I still need to pratice a lot more.

You usually put your hand in an 90 angle to make barrel and all, and latelly I've been have some ache from playing, I know it has something to do with my siting position (just sit and put the guitar over my left leg, without any elevation like they usually tell to put when playing classical guitar) I wanna know it's a matter of lack of resistence, or I really really need to get used to that weird position they use? 'cos it's really hard for me to do it!

Anyway, nice guitar pwnage ^^m

You Sir are awsome but dont


You Sir are awsome but dont get me wrong your other recording was great. I like to learn by seeing since I havent really got nobody teaching me yet. I have to rely on videos like this one and WOW...I can see many mistakes im making. Thank you so much for re-making this for me. I really enjoyed watch it, its now my #1 spot on Youtube are a great classical guitar player Trang thanks again


Thanks, I'm glad you two like

Thanks, I'm glad you two like it.
@KaminaSora: You really should use some elevation there. Do you know these thingies?

Imo they are much more comfortable than those ancient footstools.

Very impressive. I watched


Very impressive. I watched your other recent video too, and for the record I prefer the darkness of your recordings. It draws attention to your hands and your instrument, sort of like a dancer or a mime. And I agree with Vic9, it's always better IMO to see the hands play, compared to just hearing the song. I can download a mp3 if I just want to hear the song. Great job.

Ahh, I've seen it somewhere

Ahh, I've seen it somewhere in fotos of guitar self-tutoring books.

Ok, I'll try buying one, meanwhile I'm not gonna overdo it and try to play at a relaxing pace, thanks. :)