Recording: Final Fantasy VII - Descendant of Shinobi

Submitted Mon, 05/18/2009 - 01:21
by PolakDave | View the tab

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My buddy asked me to upload this, but I haven't touched it in over a year, so it's pretty bad... I promised I'd get it for him today, so what can I do? lol

Once I've practice this for more than an hour a year, I'll upload a new one, if I feel like it.

And don't tell me that I suck! I already know that I do! I've only been playing this for less than two years, so cut me some slack. I know I made a bunch of mistakes.

Capo 5 - Standard Tuning

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You entered the URL where it

You entered the URL where it said "Youtube ID". Click edit, and remove the part that says "", leaving only the portion after equal sign, which is the ID. Once you do that, your video will appear. ^-^

Fixed :P Thanks for the heads

Fixed :P Thanks for the heads up, I thought it was processing or something.

nice ;)

nice ;)

wow this is awesome great job


wow this is awesome great job playing, mistakes? i didnt notice them and your a great guitarist i loved it, this is my next song i will learn

(^_^) Thanks so much! That

(^_^) Thanks so much! That encourages me to do more recordings :D