Recording: Rurouni Kenshin - Himura Kenshin

Submitted Thu, 03/06/2008 - 21:32
by DuoDn | View the tab

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Very well played, fluidly


Very well played, fluidly and smoothly.

If you are serious about classical guitar, pick up your pinky and always alternate picking fingers on the same string (with the exception of thumb). Also, volume dynamics.

P.S. Relax

Yeah I know thank you very

Yeah I know thank you very much anyway lol. I usually have my pinky picked up since im undoing that habit but eh...and I only looked at the song a few hours prior to this so I wasnt really read, hence the tension

What's wrong with using the

What's wrong with using the pinky as a base?

It slows down your hand,

It slows down your hand, prevents you from crossing strings as easily when the occasion eventually warrants, and ruins your rest stroke and rasgueado. Plus, the tremelo is much harder when the pinky doesn't follow the ring finger.

Yeah this is all true =[

Yeah this is all true =[ Tommy Emmanuel uses his pinky as a base though..and hes arguably the best acoustic guitarist alive right now.

So does Mark Knopfler,


So does Mark Knopfler, although actually he tends to use both his pinky and his ring finger as a base, and plays the 1 2 thumber.

There's the "correct" way, and there's the comfortable way.
I tend to play whichever is most comfortable.
For me, it's not using a base. I've tried it after seeing a few players who do, and all it did was slow me down, and cramped my hand.

Whatever works.

Yeah Im trying to play


Yeah Im trying to play without using a base right now which is screwing with my accuracy greatly. I figure I should just fix it now before it screws up my hand though.