Recording: We Love Katamari - Dan Don Fuga

Submitted Tue, 07/08/2008 - 09:31
by cgseth | View the tab

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A great arrangement from Kabukibear, and fun to play :)

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How did you get all the

How did you get all the multiple tracks on one mp3?

I recorded with a

I recorded with a multi-track editor (in this case, Ardour, but you could do the same with something like Audacity

By the way, your solo version of this is absolutely impossible :)

Yeah it is. I wont even

Yeah it is. I wont even attempt it. I just wanted to see if it COULD be done. Kabuki and I have this reluctance of doing multi-track arrangments as it's too difficult to find someone else good enough to pull it off. Still I'll have to look at that Ardour. It's easy to use yes?

I understand your

I understand your reluctance, and I often make solo arrangements for the same reason (I don't really know any other guitar players around here). Recording multi-tracks is rather difficult because when you record the first track, you can't hear how it sounds musically compared to the other parts, so it's just guesswork. Also, I played to a click-track set at 95 bpm which helped me keep the rhythm.

Actually, it would be interesting to do "virtual" duets, trios, etc. We could each record a part and send them to each other and put them together. I'll post a topic in the forum if you're interested. And then there's the possibility of a gametabs meetup somewhere in real life, which would be a lot of fun, but hard to work out logistically (actually, I don't live too far from archard).

Ardour is rather difficult to use. Audacity is much simpler and I'd recommend that.