Recording: Terranigma - Underworld

Submitted Sat, 10/06/2007 - 17:25
by Calebelijah

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2 comments on Underworld

That song really took me

That song really took me back, wow. Used to play alot of terranigma when I was a kid and it's one of the best games I'v ever played. I've never played guitar before, but when I saw you videos I got inspired and borought my dad's, and I've made like 50% of wind scene and starting out of secret of mana main theme, and if you could give us some tabs to this one, it would be greatly appriciated! :)

do you have a tab for this


do you have a tab for this song?

this really remind me of my kiddy time when i played this game xD
good job on this song man!