Recording: Final Fantasy X - Silence before Storm

Submitted Sun, 09/13/2009 - 10:28
by usoop | View the tab

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I Tried to record me playing guitar.
It was really a troublesome job, i have tried to upload it many times but it always failed.
at last i did it. 8D

This song from Final Fantasy X called Silence before Storm .
arranged by lonlonjp
hope you like it.^_^

Recorded with
Lumix LX-3

oh yeah , my username in youtube and gametabs is different .
in youtube i use xilvan , and gametabs i use usoop haha.

5 comments on Silence before Storm

Superb! I like this song


Superb! I like this song alot.

you play this very well sir,


you play this very well sir, but if you didn't know your holding that classical the wrong way it should be sitting on your left leg with the body between your legs that way your fingers will have a bit more control over what there trying to play (really i guess it comes down to personal preference) but all in all you nailed it. It sounded beautiful :)

very beautifully played.

very beautifully played.

not everyone plays on

not everyone plays on classical position vic

hei thanks >.< @ Vic9mm :

hei thanks >.<

@ Vic9mm : thanks for the advice too hahaha. i will try to do that. 8D