Recording: Chrono trigger - Peaceful Days

Submitted Sat, 09/19/2009 - 09:55
by usoop | View the tab

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Chrono Trigger 1000D Peaceful Days
it is a game from supernintendo ,
actually i never played chrono trigger , but when i heard the song ,
i just like it . so i tried to play it .

this song is arranged by lonlonjp

Recorded with Lumix LX-3

3 comments on Peaceful Days

O wow memories are rushing


O wow memories are rushing back such a beautiful song. Sounds great!

Heh i posted my "peaceful

Heh i posted my "peaceful days" the same day as you! =p nice playing!

ahahahah , very funny . we

ahahahah , very funny .
we have the same idea to upload the song hahaha.
you too , nice playing 8D.