Recording: Silent Hill 2 - Promise(Reprise)

Submitted Sun, 11/29/2009 - 19:41
by Ticonderoga

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3 comments on Promise(Reprise)

Yeah! excellent work here,


Yeah! excellent work here, did you learn this by ear or find a tab for it?

I don't know how you guys can play by ear, I must really suck or somethinmg

I learned it by ear from

I learned it by ear from lonlonjp's video. And after playing guitar for a little over 3 years, i can tell you playing by ear is just a skill. It will come soon enough. Dont get discouraged =)

Vow, I must tell you that


Vow, I must tell you that this playing is very beautiful, keep on playing
Your "play-by-ears" skill is very good, but it's not all, I guess...