Recording: Final Fantasy VI - The Phantom Forest

Submitted Sat, 09/25/2010 - 19:57
by thiagobpaiva

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hello !
A cover of the game Final Fantasy VI, the melody The Phantom Forest.
Its not perfect but I tried my best at the moment.
hope you like ^^

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sounds great to me! did

sounds great to me! did tabbed it out ? :)

yes i did. ^^ but I do not

yes i did. ^^
but I do not know if I put the link correctly.
I think I have to wait for the moderator.

Ah I edited the link when I

Ah I edited the link when I saw it last night :-) I haven't had a chance to listen so I haven't posted it, sorry, but I'm looking forward to hearing your recording when I get a chance later!

ok, thank you Auri. ^^

ok, thank you Auri. ^^

This is pretty good! :-) I'll


This is pretty good! :-)

I'll give you some criticism!

Overall your rhythm is very good. You have a strong accent on the 1, and the rhythm flows well, and this is the most important thing IMO in making a performance sound good. However, there are a couple spots where your rhythm doesn't "flow". You need to practice measures 11 and 19 (the parts at 0:18 and 0:30) until you can play them without stumbling. They break the rhythm.

Tuning / harmony / tone are all good. Webcam is bad, but that doesn't matter if your performance is good, since beautiful music will shine through!

Many of your notes are short, or staccato. Is this a deliberate choice? I felt the song would be prettier if you let the notes ring out a bit. Especially in the second half, the arrangement is a bit stark, so cutting the notes short makes it feel a bit on the empty side. But I think the arrangement would be fine if you held the notes longer. Don't set up the next note too early if you can avoid it!!

Overall, nice job :-)

Thank you very much for your

Thank you very much for your comment and criticism are always welcome. =D
About the parts 0:18 and 0:30, I arranged that way, because I thought the slide of E to F# would let the melody closer to the original version but I guess it was not.
In the arrangement I have not used staccato, they appeared on the recording because my fingers were tired, have been many attempts, and was anxious to record soon. xD
But I agree with everything you said and I will try to correct my mistakes to a next recording of another song.^^
Thanks again Lady…

And this is why I love the


And this is why I love the Acoustic Guitar because anyone can learn it if they have the will and the dedication and also I'm trying to learn this song far...not so good but gotta keep practicing it :D Thanks for the video.