Recording: Final Fantasy IX - Terra

Submitted Tue, 06/21/2016 - 01:55
by thedstring | View the tab

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Hi guys! Hope you like this one, I made the arrangement myself this time

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This is very nice. It is a


This is very nice. It is a great arrangement too! If I may make any point of constructive criticism, it would be something in general that I have noticed throughout listening to many of your recordings. The vast majority of the chords you play tend to be rolled. They sound very nice, but I think that the rolled chords may sound more special if you used them at special times. There is a beauty in a well balanced chord sounded with a good sense of simultaneity.

Thanks! Yeah I've been told


Yeah I've been told the same thing before haha! Every one of these songs that has the same picture are all part of the same album I recorded last Christmas, I've been releasing them as I master them up. Other people have mentioned that rolling less chords would be more effective and I've taken it to heart, I didn't realize I was rolling so often back then! I think I was liking the sound of how when you roll even just the 2 note picks with different volumes for each note it makes it sound like it might be 2 people playing separate parts.

Haha yeah I get you. It is

Haha yeah I get you. It is good that you have identified their potential overuse (although it's all subjective). I used to roll all my chords too because they sound beautiful. However we can take a similar approach to how we handle dynamics, which I hear you utilizing well.

For example, how can we make a certain phrase or passage sound louder if we are playing our loudest? Well, we can play the surrounding parts more quiet in comparison. The same holds true for rolling chords. How can we make a certain chord sound more beautiful? Well, by rolling it. However, it won't stand out if we roll all nearby chords.

I encourage you to play most of what you learn without rolled chords, and then strategically place them where you feel most appropriate. Your rolled chords already sound great, the simultaneous chords need some practice love.

In addition, try to accomplish the voice separation you described liking without the aid of rolling the chord. Waltzes with accompanying notes in addition to a melody note are great for this. Purely for practice purposes, see how soft you can play the accompaniment while blasting the melody note in a perfect simultaneous manner.

Edit: also I know these are old recordings, and you may play differently now, but I hope some of this info is still useful!

I'd forgotten how pretty this


I'd forgotten how pretty this piece was.