Recording: Final Fantasy XIII - Lightning's Theme

Submitted Tue, 03/01/2016 - 20:44
by thedstring | View the tab

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4 comments on Lightning's Theme

Just wanted to drop by and

Just wanted to drop by and say this is awesome. I was looking through your other tabs, which are good as well, and saw your comment expressing disappointment that no one really rates tabs around here. It's pretty unfortunate. I think a guy on here named Ronito once said that coming up with arrangements is a thankless job, and for that reason, he decided to give it up one day.

Hope you and the other regulars continue to stick around.

Then again, I'm not really involved with this community anymore. I'm not sure how lively or dead it is compared to 2009ish.

It ebbs and flows, some weeks

It ebbs and flows, some weeks we get lots of submissions others we get maybe 2. It's definitely been a touch quiet since the site went down in December though.

Nice job Dstring, love or hate it FFXIII had a few really nice tracks and this was one of them I really enjoyed. :)

Thanks guys! I agree, 13

Thanks guys! I agree, 13 wasn't the greatest, but it's music was fantastic! I liked 13-2 a lot more than the first, but the first was still ok =)

I'll be done with my degree in about a year from now, I'll definitely have a lot more time for arrangements then. I hope this site is still around, I love this place =)

There are some amazing

There are some amazing arrangers on this site, I'm glad I get to be a part of it =)