Recording: Chrono Cross - Radical Dreamers

Submitted Wed, 01/06/2010 - 03:05
by StrangeJam

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PianoxElectric Guitar Arrange.
A little something I put together today while messing around with equalization with my UX1,

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Try compressing that electric


Try compressing that electric tone more to give it more punch. Turn up your treble frequencies more too. It sounds a little too airy to me. Otherwise, great recording.

yeah I see what you mean,

yeah I see what you mean, though I toned down my treble freqs on the amp cause I wanted a softer tone without sacrificing the high gain,looking back on it it does sound better with the original treble settings I had. too late to fix that now I guess but i'll keep it in mind for future stuff lol, thanks for the input.

No problem, you can probably


No problem, you can probably work with the mixing and try to mess with the panning to take away from that distant effect the guitar has.

It sounds like the piano and guitar are playing far far away from eachother.

yeah, I fixed most of the

yeah, I fixed most of the issues now I think, with this new remaster, if you get the chance, feel free to check it out.

Guitar definitely sounds a

Guitar definitely sounds a lot better. I suggest boosting the piano more to compensate. Now it sounds overshadowed completely at a lot of points.

Balance it out a bit, make it blend.

Nice work again.

I like it!! :D


I like it!! :D

awsome indeed. :D woo.


awsome indeed. :D woo.