Recording: F-Zero - Fire Field

Submitted Sun, 02/14/2016 - 10:48
by SlashBib

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After a rock ballad, why not a good old heavy metal stuff. I picked a lot of inspiration in the arrangement present in the Smash Bros version mixed with a fat thrash metal rhythm part.

Again, Draskon5665 made some awesome synth lines, so, give him some love by subscribe to his channel ( and his Soundcloud (

Hope you'll like this one and see you soon for some djenty Chrono Trigger ;-)

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Composers : Yumiko Kanki / Naoto Ishida

Lead Guitar : LTD EC-401
Rhythm Guitar : Schecter Demon 7
Bass : Epiphone Toby Deluxe-V Bass
Interface : Line6 Pod Studio UX1
Audio Software : Reaper 5
Plugins : BIAS FX
Drums : Toontrack Ezdrummer2 w/ Progressive extension
Video : GoPro Hero3+ Silver
Mon profil Twitter :
Page Facebook de la chaƮne :