Recording: Chrono Cross - Lizard Dance

Submitted Thu, 09/27/2012 - 23:06
by sir0nion | View the tab

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i put the wrong tab in the

i put the wrong tab in the link. its fixed now.

Excellent !


Excellent !

Dunno.. it's great, but at


Dunno.. it's great, but at the same time so confusing. I can't seem to grasp the structure of the song xD

Hah, without the rhythm

Hah, without the rhythm section, it sounds like alternating measures of 9/8 and 7/8 xD 'Cept the middle part, I guess.

is it something that is a

is it something that is a consequence of the arrangement with the bass not being on the beats too much or is it the recording not being tight enough? maybe i should tapped out the beat audibly with my foot?

Oh, I donno. I just thought

Oh, I donno. I just thought it was interesting that the meter seemed different from the original without the main pulse. Tapping your foot with the pulse sounds like a cool idea--it could make it feel like it's a dance song. (After all, the beat is really important in any dance.)

I do like it!! You did a good job. I think if you want to imply the beat strongly, though, you do need your rhythm to be slightly tighter.

(If you know the song well, it's probably easier to feel the implied beat and hear it as 4/4, but otherwise, the little hesitations and changes in tempo might throw you off. My two cents, anyway.)