Recording: Touhou - Chinese Tea

Submitted Tue, 12/25/2012 - 04:46
by Rook

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This isn't a recording of my tab because my version is worse than this one. I can't remember where I found this version though.
I could use some critique on my playing, the only people who've heard me play don't know anything about guitars

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Rook,tabs please.

Rook,tabs please.

Seconding the request for

Seconding the request for tabs. Great job on the playing too

They're not my tabs, so I

They're not my tabs, so I don't think I can share them
I think I found them by searching for the tabs for casket of star, which I found, and found a related link being chinese tea

that helped <3, that dude has

that helped <3, that dude has some other nice Touhou tabs i never saw before~