Recording: Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core - Price Of Freedom - Promo Version -

Submitted Wed, 09/07/2011 - 15:41
by Pasto

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So thats just a "promo" version, just give me advice for make a "final recording". I make all the track by myself ( you have probably notice it cuz all of them suck lol ), and my guitar sound so bad ( really I hate it ), but thats what I have in now :3
And I kinda like when the overdrive guitar kick in.
Plz comment and allways thanks for your support !
I want to dedicate it to my Rival and to Link Strife. I was kinda an a**hole with you this days, just sorry for that.

> Enjoy ! <

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1) If it's not your final

1) If it's not your final version, post it in "works in progress".
2) Like me you have rhythm problem with the chords and the melody, they are not well synchronized i think but someone with a better ear would tell it better than me.
3) The Lead overdrive is totaly out of rhythm, the hammer have to be slower.
4) This songs is full of emotion and i don't hear many emotion in your interpretation, but it's pretty hard to give emotion, so you have to work on it.
5) The sound quelity is much better than befor but you used too much delay.

Anyway, keep working on them and still improve, you'r on the way.

Thanks ! And sorry for post

Thanks ! And sorry for post this here :D

Too much delay is an

Too much delay is an understatement. You should use a metronome to keep everything on track. I did and my recordings were much better for it. You should also try to balance all the tracks soundwise because you want to be able to hear all of them at the same time or at least most of them.(In my opinion, the violin part was too quiet, and the lead was too loud.) Sorry if any of this sounded rude, just trying to give advice. :)

I read over at The Womb that

I read over at The Womb that you shouldn't try to make everything audible to the same extent.

Well, no, I didn't mean to

Well, no, I didn't mean to the same extent. But the tracks need to compliment each other, I think, and if there's one track that's canceling out all the others, then there's a problem. I'll admit I'm probably terrible at mixing, though, these are just my thoughts.

Oh, that makes sense. I've

Oh, that makes sense. I've been learning how to mix for a while, but I'm still kind of bad at it, so I don't really want to say "do this" or "do that". I'm really just passing on a pointer to some info from a couple pros (Slipperman and MixerMan). I don't know if it really applies here or not.

It reminds me of something

It reminds me of something Bob Olhsson once wrote about mixers who are also musicians more easily fall into the trap of wanting to make everything (easily?) heard. And sometimes vibe becomes the victim of this.

Just read this on that site, and it makes me worried o.o I should investigate more into this site.

It's a pretty good site! I

It's a pretty good site! I went through everything the two of them had to say, as best I could find, a while back. Unfortunately, I think I didn't really internalize a lot of what they had to say, and probably didn't really get other bits in the first place. I need to get in some more practice, really.

It looks like Bob Olhsson is a moderator on The Womb.