Recording: Space Harrier - Main Theme

Submitted Wed, 11/09/2011 - 07:13
by Pasto | View the tab

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Here is the cover of the Space Harrier main theme !
My first tab ! Yay !
I loved this Arcade when I was kid, so I really enjoyed to cover this.
Sound of my guitar suck, I know ( expecially this one, my very first guitar ! ).
But I tryed to make it sound like the midi tone !
OMGZ I have to shave my beard :D

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Sounds pretty good lol I

Sounds pretty good lol I would say work more on your vibrato. I feel ya on the guitar tone, do we have the same guitar? I made a video today but since it's not complete I didn't post it here. Check Facebook :P

Hey the video's not

Hey the video's not sideways!

Seriously though, good job. Better than your other recordings and it's a tab you wrote yourself. Keep working at it man, hope to see more from you soon!

At first I wanted to make it

At first I wanted to make it sideways :D
Btw TY ! ! !