Recording: Final Fantasy IX - Loss Of Me

Submitted Thu, 05/03/2012 - 18:13
by Pasto | View the tab

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I was in my GF apartment and I was kinda bored, so I started play guitar and a bird started to sing, following my sound. So cute !
So I tryed to record something . . . And this song just ringed in my mind. Haha !
Find the hidden Hamtaro for da lulz.

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the birds outside were louder

the birds outside were louder than the actual guitar. you should really only record if you have an amp or if you're using an acoustic imo
that being said, sounds like you hit all the notes for sure, but really man plug that thing in

Nice birdsong! Just kidding.


Nice birdsong! Just kidding. I can hear the guitar okay.

Nice job overall, which I say because it sounds like music, and is kind of pleasant to listen to! But I'll type up some constructive criticism:

The rhythm in the beginning is wrong. It should go like this:

   E E E  H.           Q.    E E E  H.           Q.    E E E  
e |--0-1-|0-----------|L-----------|------------|--------0-1-|
B |3-----|------------|------1-3---|------------|------3-----|
G |------|------------|----------3-|2-----------|L-----------|
D |------|------------|------------|------------|------------|
A |------|------------|------------|------------|------------|
E |------|------------|------------|------------|------------|

          H.           Q.    E E E  H.           H.
       e |0-----------|L-----------|------------|------------|
       B |------------|------1-3---|------------|------------|
       G |------------|----------3-|2-----------|L-----------|
       D |------------|------------|------------|------------|
       A |------------|------------|------------|------------|
       E |------------|------------|------------|------------|

Your rhythm was better for the rest of the song, so I think it's just a matter of counting out the intro.

You're making it hard on yourself with the way you use your left hand. See how the angle you've got it at makes the ring finger further away from the guitar, and pinky even further? You use those fingers, but it's harder when you do. There are reasons to tilt your hand away sometimes like that, but I don't think you should have it that way all the time.

You could try tilting your hand so the base of the pinky and base of the index finger are an equal distance from the neck, and pull your thumb back a bit. You might not want to play that way all the time, either, but it's physically much easier to fret notes that way.

I think the shifting in the tab is probably why a lot of the notes end up so staccato. (Staccato isn't bad by definition, but you're kind of inconsistent in which notes you let ring out, and I think your left hand movement is deciding for you.) You could play in position if you wanted. Or you could practice shifting more, so you can shift but play more tenuto when you want to.

Also, this song is called Rose of May ("Loss of Me" is a mistake).

Thanks for the comment

Thanks for the comment SnailGirl ! I allways like constructive criticism !
Yep the intro time sucked ! And I have to work about my hand position a lot . . . !
I will improve >_<
Ty Again !
Oh and I don't have an amp in my GF apartment. I just gifted her my old guitar .w.

It didn't suck :-) But it

It didn't suck :-) But it doesn't sound right unless you wait for the right time. The easiest way to do that is to count the beats!

arg Tempo my lethal enemy

arg Tempo my lethal enemy !

@Pasto : why don't you use your amp with a clean setting when you record ? :X

That song is possibly my

That song is possibly my favorite from that game. Cool thing with the bird XD

Bored hanging out with GF, I


Bored hanging out with GF, I know this all too well J/K hehe ;-)

Sounds relaxing with the bird. An acoustic would have been better but all in all it's a nice little song.