Recording: Blue Dragon - Eternity

Submitted Thu, 04/14/2011 - 08:09
by Pasto

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First of all : I'm ugly ! I have to cut my hair and shave my beard ! ! !
Been Jobless really make me look like a homeless . . . Oh LoL !
However hope you like it, thats the Rythm guitar part.
My guitar is cheap and is semi-broken so sound is crappy, and I make some mistake . . . but Oh well.
Comment Plz ! ! !
And sorry for my bad EngRish !

2 comments on Eternity

well, I have a job and I look

well, I have a job and I look like you

Guitar louder, blast it! RRAAAAAHHHHH

Nice Rex :) Rar...

Nice Rex :) Rar...