Recording: Elfen Lied - Lilium

Submitted Sat, 05/29/2010 - 20:41
by Nezon

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Lilium - Elfen Lied

This is usaguitarist's arrangement of the song, but i played in a 1 step and a half down so it can sound more 'sad'. I don't know if i really achieved that effect, but i hope you guys like it (even though i made plenty of mistakes hehe)

comments appreciated. :)


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Didn't hear any mistakes ...


Didn't hear any mistakes ... wanna see how plenty mistakes sound ? check out my recording :)).

I've watched your video

I've watched your video before, i thought it was perfect ^____________^
i had lots of mistakes, but i think the bad quality sound covered it a bit :P

sound so sweet :) i wish i


sound so sweet :)
i wish i have a nylon strings guitar ^^ (and that i can play on fingerstle...)

I've watched your electric

I've watched your electric covers on some final fantasy songs (like matoya's cave), it sounds equally as good as nylon, its a different style. I like it ^^

I played matoya's cave on nylon as well, it sounds good on electric as well :)

ho thanks ^^ but i think the

ho thanks ^^ but i think the eletric sounds are a bit "soulless" than nylon guitars.
but i'm never happy of my works ^^
héhé i have to cover this song too :p

I don't think its soulless, i

I don't think its soulless, i think it has another feeling to it ^^ different to nylon.
yeah you should cover this song too, i would like to see your version of it

agreed; electric guitars

agreed; electric guitars definitely don't sound soulless. Unfortunately, I don't think I have a say on the nylon strings because I don't play 'em ^_^;;(can't wrap my thumb over the top and it bugs me @[email protected]) I play a regular acoustic

good job on the cover by the way ^_^
did you say it was in C# standard?

Some acoustic songs sound

Some acoustic songs sound really good too,
check out:

You are the hero by Kotaro Oshio

Pretty good acoustic stuff :)

Acoustics have a really sharp sound compared to nylon, though i dont know which sounds better XD

i just did a short & quick

i just did a short & quick recording, wanna hear it? ^^

Yes Please :)

Yes Please :)

It's on !!! i don't really

It's on !!!
i don't really worked the sounds settings, so sometimes it don't sounds good :X