Recording: Dragon Warrior IV - The Unknown Castle

Submitted Tue, 04/17/2012 - 01:12
by musenji | View the tab

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So, this is what I've been doing guitar-wise for the past month...

This is from one of my favorite RPGs of all time, Dragon Warrior (or Quest) IV. For at least a couple of years, I had wanted to arrange it for guitar and violin; I was utterly ecstatic to discover it could be done on solo guitar!

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Very nice sir. Never played


Very nice sir. Never played the game, but it sounds pretty.




Wow! Killer hand movement.


Wow! Killer hand movement. Nice job.

Really good... Sounds really


Really good...
Sounds really "Rennaissance-ish" and pretty...

I swear you're a total


I swear you're a total doppelganger of my friend Dustin.

That's some impressive ass playing, and it's always nice to see/hear more Dragon Quest/Warrior. I don't give 5 star ratings very often, but I really think this one deserves it.

Thanks guys! I actually owe

Thanks guys! I actually owe a special thanks to Bhael and a couple of other folks who posted classical recordings while I was working on this one, and it motivated me to keep going!

Also a shout out to Kara, I practiced this 800 times too, and I always mess at least one thing up. :p It's going in the vault for a while, now! Taking my own advice.