Recording: Final Fantasy X - To Zanarkand

Submitted Sat, 10/06/2012 - 17:02
by musenji | View the tab

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I'm putting this away for a while but I wanted to show you guys before I did.

I changed a couple of fingerings for ease, but I think I retained all of the notes. Thanks to Stamen47 for a beautiful arrangement!

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My only complaint is how


My only complaint is how rarely we get to see your recordings XD.

Also just out of curiosity would you mind sharing which fingerings you changed?

Nice one!


Nice one!

Thanks guys. :-) Kara: this

Thanks guys. :-)

Kara: this is a verbal description, see if you can figure it out from the info and watching where the fingers are and the fact that the notes are the same as they would be in the tab. I'm just too lazy to re-tab right now. :D If someone wants to, go ahead!

Basically most of the changes were to get rid of unnecessary "distance hopping" of the left hand.

Measure 3 last subbeat, measures 11 and 12 that melodic line, ...the huge one is measure 15, 4th subbeat, changing the 2 on D to a 7 on A, which the pinky slides into, making the switch to the 753 more manageable--it seemed to be a widely discussed trouble spot, measures 18 and 19 a pretty serious overhaul, 23 same as 15, and everything else is the same. If I hosted a fingerstyle challenge I would do it from this piece, but I hurt myself overpracticing. Well, and yoga and biking and janitoring. :P

Your playing is so consistent


Your playing is so consistent and precise!

I'll have to agree with Auir

I'll have to agree with Auir on this one, that was damn nice. Gj

Now I have to get my spanish, and then play that song
about 20x in a row to get it sounding closer to that XD

If 20 times gets you anywhere

If 20 times gets you anywhere close, you're a much better practicer than I am! :D

nice recording musenji =)


nice recording musenji =)

You should do more!


You should do more!

I might, but if I do, I'm

I might, but if I do, I'm definitely picking something easier next time.

Right now my left hand needs a break, cause in addition to this which I played hundreds of times, I've been doing yoga for a month which puts a lot of stress on the wrists, and I'm a janitor with lots of mopping, and I've been bike riding, and typing sometimes with not the best posture. Suffice it to say, my left hand hates me.

I picked this song mostly because a friend had lost her cat and I wanted to do something nice, so I asked her what her favorite game song was. Figures that, by the time I recorded it, she found her cat again (and it had been gone for several weeks!)

I should add that I'm still glad I did, because it's a gorgeous song.