Recording: Super Mario 64 - Dire Dire Docks

Submitted Sun, 10/21/2012 - 23:46
by musenji | View the tab

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Just a little fun. Changed a few small things. Thanks for the tab, LinkStrife07!

Oh, right, and I recorded this in the bathroom for the acoustic effect. :p

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You must have been very

You must have been very annoyed with the 15s XD. Did you condense Link's multi guitar tab thingy into one solo guitar arrange or what?

Nope, I played it as a duet,

Nope, I played it as a duet, recording the two parts separately.

The 15s in Trang's tab were simply impossible for me. Link had them in the lower octave, but I still wanted the high notes, so I switched around the fingerings so that I could play them as artificial harmonics. They weren't so bad. :p

Bathroom acoustics are best

Bathroom acoustics are best acoustics. I like your playing but somehow it feels like the end is missing :P I know it's infinite loop track but still, a final chord makes it sound more complete.

Yeah, or at least one

Yeah, or at least one repeat...I know. I was lazy and didn't want to try recording twice through. :p

There's actually an even better room at the building I's the outer lobby mat area. The floor is tile, and all of the walls are glass, and it's a pure rectangular prism shape.

Sounds luxurious lol. I also

Sounds luxurious lol. I also loved the acoustics in my old school, they had grand halls all around and the echo made everything sound beautiful - too bad I just started guitar back then and couldn't exploit it as much as I wished to :p

Oh, it's a small room. About

Oh, it's a small room. About 8 foot by 6 foot. And it doesn't have heating or AC, so it's basically whatever temperature it is outside, minus what heat leaks out from the actual lobby. But yeah, sound-wise it is luxurious.

Back when I was in college I made it a point to find every single echo-y acoustic spot on campus. :D

Nice! I'm glad to see you got


Nice! I'm glad to see you got Audacity workin' :D Everything is synced perfectly! And really nice job on this, the acoustic sounds great! Hope to hear more from you soon (:

Thank you!

Thank you!

Nice!! And nice bathroom


Nice!! And nice bathroom reverb xD