Recording: Final Fantasy IV - FFIV Main Theme

Submitted Mon, 11/23/2009 - 14:39
by MaxStone28 | View the tab

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Alright Here is my most recent attempt at an error free cover, but this time i got rid of the pick and am finger plucking which i stilll have some difficulties with but im getting closer will have the final cut in soon.

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Nice, nice, still some


Nice, nice, still some errors, but keep it up!
5 stars to encourage for upcoming full version :]

i actually just finished,

i actually just finished, shuld be posted in the morning...

Here is the complete video

Here is the complete video now, not perfect but complete

Altered Again lol, this time

Altered Again lol, this time finger plucking still errors but not bad for my first fingerplucking video attempt