Recording: Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII - The Price of Freedom

Submitted Sat, 12/03/2011 - 17:53
by Max_depa | View the tab

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Hi! New recording finally =D
I made this mainly for test the new m-audio fast track that i bought yesterday, so it's not perfect but it worksXD

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Nice, you finally recorded

Nice, you finally recorded this song! If you listen with headphones it's panned to the right for some reason...

omg i didn't notice that O.O

omg i didn't notice that O.O thanks for pointing it out i will try to fix this on the next recording D=

nice stuff mate. couple


nice stuff mate.

couple seemed a little shakey, but awesome job anyways, always liked this tune.

who rates this 1/5 ? ._.


who rates this 1/5 ? ._.