Recording: Final Fantasy VII - Main Theme

Submitted Wed, 04/24/2013 - 15:54
by manccurt | View the tab

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I'd like to dedicate this performance to my best friend currently residing in Korea, Sangyun. Thank you for always supporting me and keeping in touch ;)
See you soon ^^

I've been living here in Japan for already 8 months. Usually I don't practice playing much, so I was a bit reluctant to upload a new video. But since my last upload almost a year passed by, so I wanted to upload a new video. I think even with a few glitches my performance was not too bad. Of course, I need to practise more!!

Thank you for watching!

Please comment ^^

Copyright: Square-Enix
Composed by Nobuo Uematsu
Arranged by blitzwater
Tabbed by archard

Yamaha SLG130NW Silent Classical Guitar, Mari Strings (high tension)
Sony DSC-WX100 digital camera (used for recording video)
Cowon iAudio 7 (used for recording audio)

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Japan... the only country in

Japan... the only country in the world where you can play FF music into the early hours of the morning and not get a noise complaint!

Great job though Manccurt those tuplets can be tricky, how do you like the Yamaha? I've always pegged Yamaha as mostly entry level stuff.

They have higher-line

They have higher-line classical guitars.

If you've only heard of them as entry-level guitars, that's probably because they DO make good entry-level guitars, so when people ask for advice about beginner classicals, you hear "Yamaha", so you make that association.

People looking for concert-grade guitars, on the other hand, usually already know what they're looking for, and that they have to try a lot of guitars themselves--nobody else can tell them what to get. So you don't hear people asking online "What's a good classical guitar in the $2,000-$6,000 range?"

Although from what I've seen, Yamaha's high-end line may be overpriced.

hey, thanks for commenting. I

hey, thanks for commenting.
I think musenji is right, I agree with everything he said.

Well, it's a silent guitar, so I can play early morning, late night or whatever, it's very quiet (although still audible).

How do I like it? Well, when amplified it sounds very nice and I would say even warm, but there are a few problems. For example, the dye on the fingerboard rubbed out pretty fast (it's not so bad, but already looks like I used the guitar for 5 years, will have to redye the fingerboard) and recently some strings started producing loud buzz, that has never happened to me with any other guitar. I will address this issue to their customer service, I hope they can help me.

Electronics in this guitar are excellent, 9v battery lasts kinda long, I would say. But it's not so problem-free. If it didn't have the aforementioned problems, I would be satisfied with it.

sounds good.


sounds good.

Im loving it...from all the

Im loving it...from all the way from New Zealand