Recording: Earthbound - Because I love you

Submitted Sat, 06/04/2011 - 19:42
by LunchSock

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So I made this in cool edit pro, there for I don't have actual video footage of me playing, but it is me playing. I know I could of done like a one man band thing using sony vegas but that's too much screwing around for me so I just put in windows movie maker with some EB pics of Ness and Paula, I know we have enough cutesy little anime lovey character slideshows on youtube now but... here's another one!

I know this will most likely get low ratings due to the sound quality, but I think it sounds decent enough.

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I'm playing earthbound now


I'm playing earthbound now because of this. Performed nicely. The first tremelo part sounded a little off to me. But overall, great cover. The second part with tremelo was quite interesting. Quite good.

Hey thank you so much! I'm

Hey thank you so much! I'm SUPER glad to know that this has made you want to play the game. ^_^
But yeah, I know I don't have the timing down perfectly for coming in on the tremelo there, I'm working on a tab for how I play it now, so you can be on the look out for it when I get it done.