Recording: Silent Hill 2 - Theme of Laura

Submitted Mon, 06/01/2015 - 11:19

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Hashel told me to stop by and say hey. So hey Hash, and hey guys. :)

How are your lives going?

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So cool to see you here ahah


So cool to see you here ahah :D
As i said on your TY channel, you did a great job, as always.
Hope you'll keep on improving your mixing skills too :)
And to answer your questions, i guess i'm doing good!
4th Album (Boss Battle Album) will be out within 2 weeks and we'll start working on the FFVIII album soon =)

Welcome back! Very good

Welcome back! Very good recording!

oh man its so cool to see so


oh man its so cool to see so many people who havent been around in a while pop in. I miss all you guys!

I figured once you got a little older you might "grow out" of guitar or something but its neat to see you're still playing. Hope life is going well for you!

Was just wondering yesterday

Was just wondering yesterday if you had made any new recordings. Good to hear from you again! Will check in a year from now to see your next cover ;)

God I've missed you guys.

God I've missed you guys.

Well hopefully you didn't

Well hopefully you didn't came back earlier, gametabs was down half the time due to spam bots problem ^^
If you new some motivation yo cover again, just do a FFVIII Cover for the Album :p
Mwhahaha, i'm so evil.