Recording: Super Street Fighter 2 - Cammy's Theme

Submitted Sun, 02/27/2011 - 15:28

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I am actually pretty happy with this one considering there was no tab. If you want me to tab it out just tell me or else I won't. But tell me what you think. :)

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Your drums are a bit better

Your drums are a bit better than before! If you want to get better at them, I recommend taking some time to listen to real drum parts, and paying close attention to what they do. At a minimum, this will give you some new ideas :-) Your rhythm is also a little better than before. Keep getting better, Link!!

Do you still want constructive criticism?

Thanks, I thought this one

Thanks, I thought this one was a little better. :) And ya, I love getting constuctive criticism!

damn your cranking videos

damn your cranking videos left and right, keep it up

constructive criticism?hmm

constructive criticism?hmm just practice bending, sliding and vibrato~
beat and tempo are rather solid. nice~

Hey thanks guys! I have found

Hey thanks guys! I have found I've got some more time now, so these recordings should be coming steady! :)