Recording: Chrono Trigger - Millennial Fair

Submitted Thu, 10/20/2011 - 17:14
by Lemoncobbler

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With a bit of diligence, I have included my middle and ring finger while playing. Whoooo.
Couple of errors near the end, but it still is the best recording I could get.

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Whoa I was just practicing

Whoa I was just practicing this today. Plane is my witness.

As for the recording, it was alright. That vertical position you're playing in seems awkward as hell, and I noticed you never directly looked at the fretboard while you were playing. Sight definitely helps, even if you have most of the fretboard mentally mapped, most everyone needs to watch what they're doing during tougher sections of the song.

Keep working on not forcing yourself to be planted all the time, your picking hand really seems to be working too hard.

Keep improving and good luck.

hahha, I believe it, its a

hahha, I believe it, its a great arrangement.

It is awkward, the back of the ovation like pushes the guitar away from me if I try to hold it close to me. I can't hardly see the f
Yeah, I'm pretty bad about when it comes to memorizing songs. I'll be more diligent from now on.

It was a strain, but atleast my hand wasn't aching like it was in the other position. That may be attributed to the way my arm used to rest on it.
Changing the ammount of fingers I used was easy, but changing plantings going to be hard. It feels very awkward to me. Either way, thanks for all the pointers surreal!

Vertical may be impractical,

Vertical may be impractical, but it looks cool XD

you think so? I think it

you think so?
I think it looks terribly silly XD

It does! And cool XD

It does! And cool XD

Sounds pretty good. I've

Sounds pretty good. I've slowly been memorizing calebelijah's electric version :P

his versions cool! If you do

his versions cool! If you do it, you gotta get the bass in too though, its not complete without the bass!

Fucking ovation and it's

Fucking ovation and it's asshole backs. If anything, you could try throwing a strap on it and using that to force a proper classical position if the bowl is pushing you away.

I didn't fully realize until now, but straps tend to be almost mandatory for the uncharacteristic bowl backs ovations generally have.

:C I'll try the strap, make

:C I'll try the strap, make it super tight and shit. Never thought about trying that.

Looks incredibly

Looks incredibly uncomfortable but it sounds great aside from the obvious oopsies.

Good jorb Lemon!

Thanks as always dude C:

Thanks as always dude C:

I think it looks pretty

I think it looks pretty sweet. There's a dude who plays an 8-string like a cello:

...which tab did you use for this recording?

that looks so bizarre..