Recording: Xenogears - June mermaid

Submitted Tue, 08/23/2011 - 21:43
by Lemoncobbler | View the tab

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A cover of a song from Xenogears. Personally never played it, but this soundtrack is great.
(if the tuning sounds a little off, its because I realized halfway through the recording that I was supposed to drop the tuning down a step! oops!)

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Oh yevon! I have watched your

Oh yevon! I have watched your other videos and observed your guitar skills. coming with the conclusion that you are an excellent guitarist! But for this, I think I may have recklessly arranged it LoL After trying to play it myself, probably only someone like lonlonjp can play it perfectly. I guess I'll have to edit it a little. My apologies!

Recklessly arranged or not,

Recklessly arranged or not, it sounds really pretty and is fun to play. I'm sure if I'd practiced it a little more, I could have pulled it off better.
either way, keep the arrangements coming.