Recording: mother - fallin love

Submitted Thu, 11/08/2012 - 18:35
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gimme some right hand technique critiques nao

I need new strings badly

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This is a beautiful piece,


This is a beautiful piece, and you play it nicely!

It sounds like the only note cutoffs were caused by left hand position switches.

Your right hand sounded fine. However are you holding it like this?

It causes a lot less tension in the hand to hold it like this:

I knew from the photos that

I knew from the photos that would be you mus, do you want to be a hand model? You just love showin em off

I started writing out a

I started writing out a description, but I quickly realized that trying to verbally communicate what I meant would, in fact, take me longer than just snapping a couple of digitals and uploading them. And showing a picture is simply more effective in getting the idea across.

If I could hand model, I would. I sure need the money.

definately more like the

definately more like the first. It feels very unusual to hold my hand the way you show it in the second picture. Are there some warm ups I can do that will help me adjust or just improve my right hand technique
thanks mr chocobo

It's the natural relaxed

It's the natural relaxed position. Let your hands fall to your sides, completely limp, and see what shape the hand takes. That's the natural curve your hand wants to be in when you're relaxed.

If your arm is totally relaxed, then you should be able to pick it up with the other arm and let it drop back down via gravity. If you're still holding onto some tension, you can "shake it out" a little bit.

alright alright, it looks

alright alright, it looks like I have another shitty habit to get rid of, though its probably going to be easier for me to just learn to relax than it was for me to stop planting my pinky.

:-) Don't think of it as a

:-) Don't think of it as a bad thing. You'll end up making playing significantly easier, and prolonging your guitar-playing years!

The caveat: the more relaxed pose does require that you bend the wrist slightly down, to bring the fingers into a playable position. Think of striking the string by mostly moving your first knuckle joint, not the second.

This vid is pretty good:

There is some debate about the sideways angle of the wrist (straight like you had it vs. bent like the Tarrega example) but that is more secondary to the basic issue, which is keeping the wrist a decent distance from the strings to give the fingers a little room.

So I tried doing a quick take

So I tried doing a quick take with a bent wrist but it DOESNT LOOK BENT TO ME
I have no idea what i'm doing
is my hand at least less tense looking?

It's easiest to observe

It's easiest to observe right-hand technique from above, like, closer to where your head is. From this angle, the axis of motion collapses nearly to zero, so you can't see it very well.

I imagine it's still possible to tell, but it'd be a lot easier to see it from another angle.

the only video camera I have

the only video camera I have is my webcame, and I'm not sure how I could position that to have it above me... gimmie some time to think of something



Chill song yo. Sounds really


Chill song yo. Sounds really good to me but my opinion isn't too credible cuz I suck at fingerstyle hehe ;-)